by Neel Murgai

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    releases January 1, 2020

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This album is partially funded by the Jerome Composer's Commissioning Program, administered by the American Composer’s Forum. Additional funding was provided by the Spark Plug Foundation.

A reorientation of self and music, this album is a story of loss and recovery through community and new found love. The ensemble pieces were composed during another era of my life, when I was with my long time girlfriend who took her own life in 2012. The solo overtone singing compositions are my newest work and personal reflections used in part for self healing. In this album they exist in dialogue with the older music and my former self, providing reorientation for heart and mind.


releases January 1, 2020

Neel Murgai, Compositions, Sitar, Vocals, Daf
Sameer Gupta, Tabla
Trina Basu, Violin
Arun Ramamurthy, Violin
Marika Hughes, Cello

2,3,5,7,8 Recorded at Eastside Sound in November 2013
2,5,7,8 Edited by Sam Crawford 2014
3 Edited by Sameer Gupta, 2014
2,3,5,7,8 Mixed by Sam Crawford 2014
1,4,6,9 Recorded, mixed and edited by Lily Wen in November 2018
All tracks mastered by Kane Mathis in October 2019
©Neela Sangeeta 2019. All Rights Reserved,
Cover art by Seema Pandya


all rights reserved



Neel Murgai New York

Neel Murgai is a sitarist, overtone singer, daf player, composer and teacher from Brooklyn, NY. He is a Co-Artistic Director of Brooklyn Raga Massive, a nonprofit musicians collective. Neel has studied sitar for over 20 years with Pundit Krishna Bhatt. He is a graduate of Goddard College's MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program. Neel has also studied overtone singing with Timothy Hill. ... more

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Track Name: Moom Moom Gong Bong
Moom moom gong bong ong ong
Track Name: Speak True
Speak true
Seek truth
See new
See through
Track Name: First There Was The Sound
First there was the sound
First there was the sound, Aum

The universe was made from that sound
With billions of galaxies spiraling around
All the galaxies are made of stars
In the night sky we can see them from afar
Around our star, the sun
Is the solar system, all the planets spinning in eternal rhythm
On our planet, mother Earth
You find all of us
We're all made from the same stardust

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